“We are what we read and what we give
the seed of a oblivion the glow of a candle”
Ponç Pons

What more could you ask for? How deep can be a poem born from a Menorcan pen to inspire a photographer?

I love the words of St. Augustine written by Ponç Pons in the poem “Nura”. They “forced” me to start a photographic project intended to last in time. “Love and do what you wish”, the first of the two sentences that Ponç writes in his poem, the other, I think it is important because it defines the lifestyle of the people who share their knowledge on behalf of partnership and teamwork. Ponç Pons writes: “We must be the source and not sack …” These words mean a lot to me. We must help, share, join the group, otherwise, we risk falling into the sack, empty and dark.

Nura is a visual that was presented at the meeting of the Spanish Association of Nature Photographers (AEFONA) held in Mallorca in April 2014. I used the music of Guiem Soldevila as the perfect trip partner for my pictures of nature. Images of a fragile Menorca, taken from the perspective of protection. Through my eyes, you’ll understand that, if we’re not careful enough, without even realizing it, we’ll sell this beautiful little island to speculation and mass tourism. It’ll be lost for ever!

Nura is a cry in nature, using different techniques and photographic themes: analog, digital, infrared… landscape, flora, fauna, night landscape, astrophotography…

I hope you enjoy all these images as much as I have enjoyed capturing them!